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Navigating the
Green and Resilient Retrofit Program
Tuesday, March 5

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In this webinar, Mark Oswanski from Hampden Park will present an overview of the Green and Resilient Retrofit Program ("GRRP"), a generational funding opportunity for existing, HUD-assisted housing that was made available through the Inflation Reduction Act. The GRRP is being implemented under three cohorts - Elements, Leading Edge, and Comprehensive. Each cohort is targeted towards projects that are at different stages of a recapitalization plan, and each has a different per project and per unit award cap, but all are intended to 'improve energy and water efficiency; enhance indoor air quality or sustainability; implement the use of zero-emission electricity generation, low-emission building materials or processes, energy storage, or building electrification strategies; or address climate resilience for eligible HUD-assisted multifamily properties.

 Learning Objectives:
  1. To understand the eligibility requirements of the program, generally, and each GRRP cohort, specifically.
  2. To understand the differences between the Elements, Leading Edge, and Comprehensive cohorts, and to be able to determine which would be the best fit for your property.
  3. To understand the scoping, certification, and cost-sharing requirements of each cohort, as well as the estimated timelines from award notification to closing.

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