Our Strategic Plan

In developing our new strategic plan, the Leading Age MA Board of Trustees chose to focus on areas having the biggest impact on the future of aging services.

Utilizing information from member surveys, out reach calls, and state and national trend data, it became clear that the number one issue keeping our members up at night is workforce challenges. Regardless of the type of provider and service offered, our members are concerned about their ability to recruit competent and compassionate staff today and whether they will be able to attract the number of people needed to work in aging services into the future.

LeadingAge MA members are also concerned about meeting the needs and preferences of consumers who may have interests that are not being adequately addressed by our current models of housing and services. Providers that do not understand and respond to the changing interests, needs and preferences of older consumers will have a hard time remaining relevant.

The Board also acknowledged the critical role that technology is playing in shaping the future
of aging services. New technologies to support older consumers as well as providers are constantly emerging, offering challenges to our members to keep up.

Finally, our strategic plan leverages the strength of our not-for-profit members’ collegial spirit of sharing and collaboration, recognizing that advancing innovation and meeting the needs of consumers will take new ways of working together.

We are confident that these strategic priorities will guide us on our path forward, supporting and enhancing the work of our members well into the future.